Kanawha County Submitted Request for Assistance on August 18th

Charleston, WV – The Kanawha County Commission officially requested assistance from the WV National Guard to help with Flood Relief and Recovery in the affected areas of Eastern Kanawha County. The request was submitted to the WV Director of Emergency Management, GE McCabe, on August 18th at approximately 4:00 p.m. Within one minute of the request being submitted, state officials contacted Kanawha County’s Emergency Manager and stated the response was being processed, and the National Guard staff would be in contact.

Kanawha County’s Emergency Manager and a WV National Guard Representative worked throughout the evening to prepare a plan of action for the Guard to begin work in the affected areas. Specific requests included working with the community of Happy Town at Hughes Creek, where their Bridge was severely damaged, prohibiting access by fire trucks, ambulances, refuse trucks, and utility trucks to the more than 50 families. The County also requested assistance with surveying creeks and streams for blockages and erosion so a plan could be developed to clear these sites. The Charleston Northeast Little League and Point Lick Recreational Facilities suffered greatly, and the citizens do not have the time or resources to clean up the property. Kanawha County has requested the assistance of the Guard to clean up this property so the community’s kids can once again use the facilities.

The WV National Guard will be in the communities beginning today to survey the areas and the damage and develop a plan with Kanawha County Emergency Management to best assist the communities affected.

The Kanawha County Commission offered the following statement, “We cannot thank Governor Jim Justice and Adjutant General Bill Crane enough for ordering the WV National Guard to extend their critical support to Kanawha County and its citizens during this very difficult time. The residents of the affected areas need all help they can get, and we must do what we can to prevent future flooding. The folks in the Happy Town Community need their Bridge repaired, which is our top priority. The men and women of our National Guard have worked tirelessly during many emergencies in recent years. We truly appreciate their dedication and heroism.”

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