Kanawha County Fuel Task Force Saves County and Municipal Agencies Over $1M in First Six Months of 2022

Charleston, WV – The bulk purchase of gasoline and diesel fuel through the creation of the Kanawha County Fuel Task Force in 1999 has saved the taxpayers over $1M in the first six months of 2022. The task force was formed through the Kanawha Valley Regional Transportation Authority (KRT) at the suggestion of the Kanawha County Commission. The goal was for KRT to bid out the purchase of gasoline and diesel fuel in bulk for county and municipal agencies to use and purchase from KRT. KRT would likely get a reduced rate for gas and diesel fuel by buying in bulk.

The bulk rate contract is bid on a two-year cycle, and the current bid that is in place has a rate of $2.3806/per gallon for gasoline and $2.5362/per gallon for ULS Diesel. This is significantly lower than today’s gasoline and diesel fuel cost on the market. By locking in these rates and purchasing in bulk, the County and Municipal agencies have been able to save more than $1M.

“The Sheriff’s Department has saved over $100,000 in fuel costs based on this rate for fuel and the market rate. That is $100,000 that can be used elsewhere for public safety services to protect our citizens. The Fuel Task Force was created in 1999, and we knew that it could be risky not knowing if the price would come in higher than the market rate at times, but right now, we are in an excellent position, and quite frankly, I am not sure what the smaller agencies would have done if they had to pay the higher gas prices right now,” stated Commission President Kent Carper.

Commissioner Lance Wheeler commented, “At the Kanawha County Emergency Ambulance Authority, we are always concerned with gasoline prices as most of our work is in the field helping the public. We watch this portion of the budget constantly. With the KRT bulk purchase and contract, we were able to save close to $130,000 in gasoline costs.”

“The bulk purchase and contract through KRT has helped our local volunteer fire departments and even the Kanawha Valley Senior Services. We work with them to help them reduce their cost of fuel by allowing them to be a part of the Fuel Task Force. These agencies are essential services to the county, and helping them reduce costs to protect our community and help our seniors is the right thing to do,” stated Commissioner Ben Salango.


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