Kanawha County Commission President Kent Carper Speaks at 50th Biennial FOP Conference regarding Amendment 1

Charleston, W.Va. – Today, the Fraternal Order of Police opened their 50th Biennial Conference in South Charleston. Commission President Kent Carper was asked to speak and welcome the group to Kanawha County. Commission President Kent Carper began his comments by reminding the members that as they gathered, the Jury was deliberating the State vs. Phillips case involving the line of duty death of Ptlm. Cassie Johnson and then further honored the memory of Sergeant Thomas Baker, who died in the line of duty last week in Nicholas County.

Commission President Carper took the opportunity to speak to the group about Amendment 1 and the effect it would have on Public Safety if it were to pass during the November General Election. Commission President Carper reminded the members that the taxes Amendment 1 provides counties pay for much-needed public safety resources, including police protection for communities.

Commission President Kent Carper stated, “It strips away the protection in the Constitution of the State of West Virginia that protects funding for municipalities and county governments. In Kanawha County alone, if it is fully implemented, it would take away out of the Commission’s budget about 25 percent. The total money it will strip away out of the State of West Virginia, I think, is $600 million, and they have NO PLAN. I have talked to some of your association members, and they have been promised by the Legislature, don’t worry about a thing. We would never cut local funding. We would never defund the police. Do you believe that? Well, I don’t! The question is, are we going to do anything about it?”

Commission President Carper called upon the members to talk to their fellow associates and urge them to not support the Amendment and ensure the police continue to be funded.


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