Charleston W.Va. – Today the Kanawha County Sheriff received a payment of $2.99 million for delinquent 2021 taxes from Blackhawk Mining, LLC. At a County Commission Meeting on April 28th, 2022, the Commission asked the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Tax Office to pursue collection efforts against delinquent tax accounts, of which Blackhawk Mining was the largest. In addition to the $2.99 million collected today, the Sheriff’s Tax Office has in the last month collected almost $500,000 from other delinquent taxpayers.

Commission President W. Kent Carper stated, “These were legally owed taxes. I’m glad Blackhawk decided to pay without forcing the county to file a lawsuit – it is only fair to the thousands of residents and businesses who pay their taxes on time.”

Commissioner Ben Salango noted, “I want the thank the Sheriff’s office for stepping up its efforts to collect from past due tax obligations. Collecting past due accounts is important to all taxpayers in Kanawha County.”

Commissioner Lance Wheeler commented, “Protecting the taxpayers of Kanawha County is my top priority. It’s not fair to the majority when a few choose to not pay. Here, I’m glad this taxpayer paid without the County having to expend significant time and resources going to court to collect.”