American Rescue Plan Applications

ARP – KC-2 The Pitch LLC Awarded $108,500
ARP – KC-3 Linda Arthur Unfunded
ARP – KC-4 Erica Tittle Unfunded
ARP – KC-5 Kanawha County Parks & Recreation Awarded $285,397.97
ARP – KC-6 Charleston Catholic Unfunded
ARP – KC-7 Metro 911
ARP – KC-8 South Charleston FD
ARP – KC-9 WV Health Right Awarded $1,000,000
ARP – KC-10 Andrews Floor and Wall Covering Unfunded
ARP – KC-11 Health Right (application #2) Awarded $150,000.00
ARP – KC-12 Union PSD
ARP – KC-13 Andrew’s Floor and Wall Covering #2 Unfunded
ARP – KC-14 Kanawha PSD
ARP – KC-15 Aspire AchievementARP Unfunded
ARP – KC16 WV Music HOF Unfunded
ARP – KC-17 Camp Virgil Tate Loss of Revenue Awarded $193,973.90
ARP – KC-18 Riverside HS Food Pantry
ARP – KC19 Pointlick Park Unfunded
ARP – KC-20 Shawnee Soccer Rec. Academy Unfunded
ARP – KC21 Ms Groovy LLC Unfunded
ARP – KC-22 Kanawha Charleston Health Dept. #1 Awarded $600,000
ARP – KC-23 Kanawha Charleston Health Dept. #2 Awarded $100,000
ARP – KC-24 Kanawha Valley Senior Services Awarded $236,375
ARP – KC-25 Kanawha Co. Emergency Ambulance Auth. Awarded $919,131
ARP – KC-26 Outta Time eXcape Rooms Unfunded
ARP – KC-27 WV Symphony Orchestra Unfunded
ARP – KC-28 Faith in Action Greater Kan. Valley Unfunded
ARP – KC-29 WV K9 Search & Rescue
ARP – KC-30 Pollen8 Awarded $200,000
ARP – KC-31 Global Healthcare Services Unfunded
ARP – KC-32 Institute Sub Area Planning Comm. Unfunded
ARP – KC-33 Camp Critter Creek Unfunded
ARP – KC-34 WTSQ 88.1 Unfunded
ARP – KC-35 Girl Scouts Black Diamond Awarded $100,000
ARP – KC-36 Mountaineer Food Bank
ARP – KC-37 Greater Kanawha Aquatic Edu Unfunded
ARP – KC-38 Grape Juice Ventures, LLC Unfunded
ARP – KC-39 Kan. Co. Parks & Rec Awarded $175,000
ARP – KC-40 Montgomery Sanitary Board #1
ARP – KC-41 Montgomery Sanitary Board #2
ARP – KC-42 Judson Baptist Church Unfunded
ARP – KC-43 Sissionville Multipurpose Center Awarded $47,940
ARP – KC-44 Malden Public Service District
ARP – KC-45 Kan Co Regional Dev Authority Awarded $678,000
ARP – KC-46 City of Montgomery
ARP – KC-48 City of Smithers #1
ARP – KC-49 City of Smithers#2
ARP – KC-50 Sissionville Little League
ARP – KC-51 Select Cards Collectables Unfunded
ARP – KC-52 Connec Train Corp
ARP – KC-53 Tabitha’s Salon Unfunded
ARP – KC-54 Elizabeth Memorial United Methodist Church
ARP – KC-55 Ridgewood Pool Unfunded
ARP – KC-56 – St. Mark’s Episcopal Church Awarded $15,000
ARP – KC-58 Elk River Community Council
ARP – KC-59 Appalachian Reading Center
ARP – KC-60 Region 3 Workforce Development Unfunded
ARP – KC-61 Yeager Airport
ARP – KC-62 Mt VFD #1
ARP – KC-63 Mt VFD #2
ARP – KC-64 Kanawha Public Library
ARP – KC-65 Mountaineer Montessori School
ARP – KC-66 Pinch VFD
ARP – KC-67 MedTek Solutions
ARP – KC-68 Alzheimer’s Association, WV Chapter
ARP – KC-69 WVSU Foundation
ARP – KC-70 Campbells Creek Food Pantry Awarded $10,000
ARP – KC-71 Riverside High School Awarded $10,000
ARP – KC-72 Booker T-Washington Comm Center Awarded $10,000
ARP – KC-73 Mt. Mission Food Pantry Awarded $10,000
ARP – KC-74 Trinitys Table Food Pantry Awarded $10,000
ARP – KC-75 Good Shepard Food Pantry Awarded $10,000
ARP – KC-76 Clendenin Ministerial Assc. Food Pantry Awarded $10,000
ARP – KC-77 Sissionville Area Food Pantry Awarded $10,000
ARP – KC-78 Mountaineer Food Bank Awarded $10,000
ARP – KC-79 Bread of Life Food Pantry Awarded $10,000
ARP – KC-80 Friends of Hansford Food Pantry Awarded $10,000
ARP – KC-81 Dunbar Institute Samaritan Center Food Pantry Awarded $10,000
ARP – KC-82 Town of Clendenin Awarded $87,000
ARP – KC-83 Women’s Club of Charleston
ARP – KC-84 Sissionville Public Service District
ARP – KC-85 Women’s Club of Dunbar
ARP – KC-86 Spotlight School of Creative Dance
ARP – KC-87 West Side VFD St. Albans
ARP – KC-88 Erica T Photography
ARP – KC-89 Chas. Area Alliance Awarded $100,000
ARP – KC-90 Gourmet Fast
ARP – KC-91 WV State University Foundation Awarded $764,792
ARP – KC-92 Mountain Mission Inc
ARP – KC-93 Kanawha-County Office of Planning and Community Development Awarded $1,000,000
ARP – KC-94 Brooks Manor
ARP – KC-95 Elk River Backpack Blessings
ARP – KC-96 Capitol Market
ARP – KC-97 Kanawha Co. Parks Rec Coonskin Awarded $941,266.93
ARP – KC-98 Shawnee Sports Complex Awarded $332,000
ARP – KC-99 WV Regional Tech Park Awarded $97,500
ARP – KC-100 Recovery Point of Huntington Inc
ARP – KC-101 Workforce Dev. Board of Kan. Co. Awarded $100,000
ARP – KC-102 4H Camp Virgil
ARP – KC-103 Habitat for Humanity of Kanawha and Putnam County
ARP – KC-104 Town of Clendenin Awarded $100,000
ARP – KC-105 City of Chesapeake
ARP – KC-106 Hope for Appalachia
ARP – KC-107 WV Regional Tech Park
ARP – KC-108 Charleston Wrestling Club
ARP – KC-109 Town of Marmet
ARP – KC-110 Sissonville Public Service District
ARP – KC-111 Malden Public Service District
ARP – KC-112 Kanawha Public Service District
ARP – KC-113 The Bullock Distillery, LLC
Team Vaccinate Awarded $1,167,500