• If you are under a tornado warning, Find a safe shelter immediately.
    If you can go to a safe sturdy building, do so immediately.
    Go to a safe room, basement, or storm cellar.
    If there is no basement, go to a small interior room on the lowest lever.
    Stay away from windows or outside walls. If driving, DO NOT get under an overpass bridge, instead, find a low, flat location.
    Use your arms and to protect your head and neck from debris.
  • Prepare Before the Emergency.
    Know the signs of a tornado (Rotating, funnel-shaped clouds, approaching cloud of debris. or a loud constant roar-similar to a freight train)
    Listen for the outdoor warning sirens.
    Pay attention to the local weather reports.
    Identify and practice going to your safe room or shelter.
    Sign up for your community’s warning systems. KC Ready app for your phone, Emergency Alert System (EAS), or have a NOAA Weather radio.
  • During a Tornado.
    Immediately go to a safe room or location that you previously identified.
    Cover your head and neck with your arms and put furniture and/or blankets around you. Listen to the warning systems (EAS, NOAA radio)
    If you are driving, do not try to outrun a tornado in your vehicle.
  • After a Tornado.
    Continue to listen to the EAS, NOAA radio, and local authorities for updated information. Stay clear of fallen power lines or broken utility poles.
    Save your phone call for emergencies. Phone systems may become disabled. Use text messages or social media from contact with family or friends.
    DO NOT enter damaged buildings until they are made safe. If you are trapped, try to send a text if you are able, bang on a pipe or anything to draw attention to you. Cover your mouth and nose with a rag if possible to avoid inhaling dust.