The Kanawha County Homeland Security and Emergency Management Department has partnered with the Kanawha County Emergency Ambulance Authority to offering training to the public. The training will be conducted monthly at various locations throughout county. The topics will vary from month to month. Topics include programs such as Stop the Bleed®, CPR/AED ($15 fee for certification card), fire extinguisher training, disaster sirens/shelter in place, as well as other safety related topics.

Stop the Bleed® is a nationwide program to empower everyday people to act quick and save lives. Bystanders can take simple steps to keep an injured person alive until medical care can arrive. This class will be taught by local authorized Stop the Bleed® instructors.

CPR/AED are American Heart Association courses and will be instructed by local authorized American Heart Association instructors.

Our first class will be at the Shawnee Sports Complex Clubhouse on February 12, 2019 from 6-9PM. We will be conducting the Stop the Bleed class®.

Future dates and classes will be announced as they become available.

We encourage you to come and learn how to make you, your family, and your community more prepared in case of an emergency.