Kanawha County Office of Emergency Management Photo Gallery

Dalewood Drive Bridge Blockage

Tree blocking the stream off of Dalewood Drive Cross Lanes. It has caused the stream to overflow in the past. KC OEM Flood Plain Manager called in an excavator and moved it out of the way.

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Smith Creek Cleanup

Major stream blockage on Smith Creek near Tornado was caused by several trees that had fallen across the stream. The blockage created by debris, trash and other trees piled up causing a dam. There are many adverse impact if the dam is not removed; water will rise and begin damaging the property and create unsanitary conditions for residents. During the first week of December 2013, Emergency Management personnel cut up the trees and the Department of Highways removed them.

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Decontamination Drill

Charleston and South Charleston Firefighters setting up mass decontamination for a drill at the United States Post Office Mail Sorting Facility in Charleston.

100 year old or older farm house. Great stop on the fire by the Clendenin, Frame and Pinch Fire Departments. Good fire attack and salvage work saved most of all the contents.

Route 21 Pool Room

July 31, 2012 early morning fire located on Route 21 Pool Room. Hidden fire with smoke showing on arrival. Fire was found by Sissonville Firefighters and quickly extinguished with minor damage to the business.

Hay Fire at Elkview Park N Ride

Frame and Pinch Volunteer Firefighters spend their afternoon on Saturday with a load of hay on fire at the Elkview Park and Ride Your

Flash Over Simulation Training

Flash over simulator training from the Alum Creek VFD during a class at the RESA 3 training center Thursday January 19, 2012 taking a fire behavior class. The training was paid for by Public Safety Grant money from Kanawha County.

Fire Place Fire on December 12, 2011

Inside fire damage from fire 12/12/11 at 04:32 hours 591 Hanson Hollow off of Bakers Fork Road. Fire extinguished by crews from the Pinch and Malden VFDs and 130th WV Air National Guard Fire Dept. Looks like fire started around chimney of recently installed fire place.

Photos from November 23th and 24th, 2011

Condemned for meth mobile home on fire 2227 Smith Creek 11/24/11 04:45 hours. Fought by Jefferson and Tornado Fire Depts
House fire Brounland Road, Alum Creek on 11/23/11 17:37 hours. Occupant had reportedly set her garage on fire a few days earlier and threatened to set the house on fire. Just a few days later her house did burn. Neighbors reported seeing her walk away moments before the fire was discovered. House was a total loss.

Photos from the Confined Space Rescue Training on November 07, 2011

The Confined Space Rescue Training was a group effort for the Clendenin and Frame Fire Departments with help from the Regional Education Service Agency, WV Air National Guard Fire Department and Kanawha County Commission Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.


Photos from a mobile home fire on October 21, 2011

Photos from a mobile home fire on 1680 Hughart Drive, October 21, 2011. Notice the kerosene heater sticking out of the rubble.

The Last Week of October and First Week of November 2011

House fire in Chesapeake 10/23/11 on Ohio Ave. Railroad traffic was suspended for a short time while fire hose was across the tracks.

Kanawha County employees learning how to operate two new 8kW light plants bought with a grant. The light plants are to be used for emergencies where extra lighting is needed or where a generator is needed.

New 2,000 gallon per minute fire engine for the Malden Volunteer Fire Dept.

Abandoned House Fire, Crystal Drive, Cross Lanes on October 13, 2011

Abandoned house on fire Crystal Drive, Cross Lanes. Neighbors reported that it had been vacant for many years and the owners had let the weeds and brush grow up around it. It was also reported to be boarded up. Firefighters found in fully involved and not savable on arrival and concentrated their efforts in keeping it from spreading.

Tyler Mt. VFD and Institute VFD on scene with the Sissonville VFD covering calls for Tyler Mountain. KCEAA stood by at the scene in case a firefighter was injured. No injuries. Minor siding damage to neighboring house. The fire departments were able to take care of that and prevent the neighboring house from burning.

Oil Spill on Cavendar Drive, Pinch, WV on September 30, 2011

Oil spill on Cavender Drive in Pinch Sept 30, 2011. DEP Inspectors were on scene to make sure the situation was taken care off. The Pinch Fire Department and Kanawha County DHSEM were called by several neighbors in the area complaining of the smell and concerned for their health. Click on the image to view more information and photos.

Emergencies Throughout Kanawha County during the week of August 1st – August 5th, 2011

House Fire on Piedmont Road in Malden

House fire, Monday night August 1, 2011 on Piedmont Road, Malden. Good stop by the Malden and Rand Fire Departments

Train Derailment in Sharon /Cabin Creek Area

House fire, Monday night August 1, 2011 on Piedmont Road, Malden. Good stop by the Malden and Rand Fire Departments

Abandoned Mobile Home Fire in Pinch, WV

Abandoned mobile home fire Saturday July 30, 2011 at around 12:58 at 1512 Colborne Drive Milliken. First arriving crews from the Pinch VFD found it fully involved. Also assisting was the Malden VFD and Kanawha County Emergency Ambulance and Kanawha Sheriffs Dept.


Photos from the West Virginia Public Safety Expo 2011.


Sissionville Volunteer Fire Department

Photos from the West Virginia Public Safety Expo 2011.


Photos from the West Virginia Public Safety Expo 2011.