With the expected bitterly cold temperatures, Kanawha County Homeland Security and
Emergency Management would like to remind the public of a few safety items:

Dress for the Weather

Stay inside if possible, if you must go outside dress warmly.
Dress in several layers of loose warm clothing. Layers are warmer. Outside layer should be
water repellant.

Wear mittens, they are warmer than gloves.
Wear a hat or toboggan. This helps prevent heat loss and a toboggan covers your ears.
Cover your mouth and nose with a scarf. This helps to protect your lungs.

Watch for Frostbite

Frostbite occurs when skin or tissue on or around the extremities freezes. This includes fingers,
toes, face, nose, and earlobes.

Indicators are a loss of feeling or pale/white skin. This is caused by a lack of blood flow to the
area. Prevention for this frostbite is to cover up exposed skin with clothing.

Watch for Signs of Hypothermia

Hypothermia is the result of dangerously low body temperature.
Indicators include uncontrollable shivering, fumbling hands, memory loss or confusion, slurred
speech, drowsiness, or apparent exhaustion. If you, or someone you know, experiences the
above symptoms, seek medical treatment immediately.

Home Reminders

Test your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.
Learn where your water valves are in your home and how to turn them off in case of a ruptured
pipe. Leave water dripping making it harder for water pipes to freeze.

Bring your pets inside or ensure they have a warm, dry shelter, copious amounts of unfrozen
water, and plenty of food. Animals will burn more energy staying warm in the frigid cold
requiring more food.

We do not recommend using kerosene heaters. If you must use them, refill them outside.
Cold Weather Tips