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Heating Safety: Be Warm and Safe This Winter

Keep anything that can burn at least three feet away from heating sources such as the furnace, fireplace, wood stove, or portable heater. Have a three foot “Kid Free Zone” (this includes pets) around open fires and space heaters. Never use you oven to heat your home. Have a qualified professional install stationary space heating [...]

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Vehicle Preparation Kits

Recommended Items for a Basic Winter Vehicle Kit Water, one gallon of water, for drinking and sanitation. (Replace every two years) Food, snack bars, granola bars, nuts Cell phone with charger, inverter or solar charger Flashlight and extra batteries First aid kit A shovel, windshield scraper, and small broom Matches, Pocket Knife Extra Clothing (hats, [...]

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Fireworks Safety

  Leave the use of fireworks to the professionals. Attend public sponsored fireworks displays. Estimated 11,100 firework related Emergency Room visits during 2016, 68% during June 18 —July 18 (Source, 68% male, 39 % female 4 reported fatalities from non-professional fire work use 33% of reported injuries to fingers/hands, 20% to head, face, and [...]

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Tips to Keep You Safe

Listen to the radio or television for information. Be aware that flash flooding can occur. If there is any possibility of a flash flood, move immediately to higher ground. Do not wait for instructions to move. Be aware of stream, drainage channels, canyons and other areas known to flood suddenly. Flash floods can occur in [...]

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