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Boating Safety Tips

Boating Safety Tips

Preparation is paramount:

  • There must be a life jacket on board for every passenger. The life jackets must be sized appropriately. If they are ripped or torn, replace them.
  • Children under the age of 12 must have a life jacket on at all times.
  • Check your equipment. Make sure all lights work both on the boat and your trailer if towing your boat is required.
  • Boats are required to have fire extinguishers.

Boat Operations:

  • Anyone born after 1986 is required to take a boater safety certification class. These are available through the Department of Natural Resources or on line.
  • The boat owner is responsible for any damages caused by reckless operation of their craft.
  • As a boat owner, you may not allow YOUR watercraft to be operated by uncertified persons (born after 1986).
  • You may not anchor in the boat traffic lane.
  • DO NOT OPERATE A WATERCRAFT WHILE DRINKING!! The legal intoxication level for a boater is the same as it is for a vehicle, .08%.
  • Remember-The sun drains your body of fluid and energy, therefore it does not take as much alcohol to meet the intoxication threshold.

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